Service Terms

Standard Delivery Schedule
→  Monday – Friday 7AM – 4PM

Additional charges apply for deliveries outside of our standard delivery schedule as listed below.
→  Saturdays and weekdays after 4PM: $65.00
→  Sundays and weekdays after 7PM: Please contact us
→  Delivery between 10PM – 5AM: $500.00
→  Holiday delivery: $500.00

Delivery Zone
Serving Washington county & all surrounding areas!
Customer/ Owner will be responsible for fees and charges for all towing/landscaping or other damages for deliveries made on property past street curb.

Delivery Fees
→  First 10 miles from our yard location: No Charge!
→  $3/mile for deliveries outside of 10 mile radius from our yard location (1 yard minimum delivery)
Deliveries beyond 20 miles require pre-approval – please call us.

Unload Time
→  6 minutes per cubic yard
→  Standby at $95/hour

Cancellation Policy
We understand that projects can change.  We ask for as much notice as possible, and require at least 4 hour notice to cancel a delivery.  Weather related cancellations may be made within 2 hours of delivery time. A $100 no-pour fee will be assessed when we show up but you do not take delivery of your order.

Other Services/Fees
→  Hot Water: $5/cubic yard (Hot water is required for deliveries November – March)
→  Fuel Surcharge: $3/mile past 10 miles

Payment Terms
→  Cash, Check or Credit Card
→  Please note; we charge 3% transaction fee for credit card processing.
→  Credit account for commercial clients only upon approval Contact us to establish credit.
Service charge of 2% per month (24% per annum) will be assessed on all past due accounts.
→  Returned checks will be assessed a $25.00 service fee.